Looking For You (A Travelogue Of Sorts…)

In June of 2004, Jenny and I were awaiting the impending arrival of Ruby. 
For some reason, I had booked a last minute show in the Distillery District in Toronto.
It was so last minute in fact, that Jenny and I were the only ones there.

No one showed up.
Since we’d moved to Toronto, I’d played a couple of snowy, poorly attended shows at the Cadillac Lounge. 
These gigs seemed to be for no other reason than to remind me just why I didn’t play anymore. 
I didn’t want to play and no one wanted to see me play. 
What’s worse? 
Trust me, not wanting to play is way worse than no one wanting to see you play.
Anyway, the show at the Distillery was just another reminder of what an epic waste of time it all was. 
Seemingly every step I made, every turn I took, since my 17th birthday, was the wrong one. 
I shouldve went to school. 
What an idiot. 
So there we were. 
Just Jenny and I sitting on the side of the stage. 
The only two people in a venue that could hold 500 people. 
I was miserable. 
Jenny, realizing that I was in no mood for conversation, picked up my guitar and started to strum some chords. 
Random chords. 
I stared straight ahead and tried to burn holes into the brick buildings of the Distillery District. 
I could’ve spit bullets. 
She paid no attention to me and my mood. 
She started playing chords that I’d heard a million times before. 
G, D (with an F# root), E minor, C and D. 
But during the turn around, instead of going up to the D, she played a C minor chord. 
I thought to myself, “Where did that idea come from?”
It hit me like a ton of bricks.
I loved it. 
It was the first thing that excited me musically in probably 2 years. 
I did the gig. 
We went home. 
The next morning while sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, I pulled out my guitar. 
I started playing the chord progression that Jenny had played the night before. 
It felt really good. 
Like “Friend Of The Devil”. 
Then for no reason whatsoever, I sang, “I started out on the east coast I was bound for God knows where…” 
I had no idea where the song was headed.
But I went along for the ride.
The song just kept rolling along.
Verse after verse.
Ten in all.  
I’d never written a song that had more than 3 verses before. 
Every verse is true.
I lived every mile. 
Leaving the East Coast. 
Then down to Nashville. 
New Orleans. 
Santa Fe. 
British Columbia. 
All the way down the West Coast. 
Santa Cruz. 
I didn’t realize until I wrote the last verse that I was looking for myself. 
“A Travelogue Of Sorts” was the first song I’d written since March the year before. 
I wrote 15 songs that week but “Travelogue” kicked open the door. 
Big time. 
A week later, Ruby Tallulah Plume showed up on the scene and the songwriting door was once again slammed shut.
Or maybe I closed it myself.
I don’t know.
That’s probably closer to the truth.
Regardless, I didn’t write much for another couple years.
One thing for sure. 
I’m very proud of this song.
And I’m quite certain that I’ll be playing it at my last gig. 
Whenever that is. 
Mike Plume 
September 21,  2016

5 thoughts on “Looking For You (A Travelogue Of Sorts…)

  1. steve brown

    mike – i was making a playlist today for my gym work-outs – i always bounce around from old to new tracks – there was a cord progression in one of the songs i was listening to and it immediately brought me back to song and dance man- i actually don’t remember what song it reminded me of on that album – that part doesn’t even matter – the first time i heard that album, my wife introduced it to me – many moons ago – this was before music could be brought to you by so many sources as it is today – i was stuck in a rut – listening to the damn radio where i lived – i had just started going with her around this time – i was blown away by all the music the world had to offer – i could list off artist by artist – but wouldn’t even come close to ALL the people who influenced you and along your travels influenced you some more – isn’t that how life works? – so, i will say the bad word here – i couldn’t find you on spotify – i know that is sometimes a sore subject with musicians – but that is also how i keep finding who i want to go see live and support them that way and buy there albums or downloads at the show or website – i tore my fucking desk apart looking for your cd – my wife and i have boxes and boxes and boxes of cds – not sure why i even keep them – i made sure that a few cds i kept close to me – song and dance man was one of these – i considered this a stepping stone of what i really liked and wanted to hear – i was totaly in awe of the lyrics and guitar and drums b-3 – blah – i listen to all levels of music, but drawn to the music that you release – as life goes, i got lost in other music since that album, but always came back to it here and there – i actually haven’t heard any other song of yours until tonight when i read your web site and then listened to “A Travelogue Of Sorts” – wholly crap – epic!!! – and – the song has no end – perfect – and why should it?
    i could not tell how to purchase your music on your web-site – probably just me?
    wishing you and your family well!!!
    steve brown
    park city,mt
    “turn me loose and set me free”

    1. Mike Plume

      Hey Steve!
      Thanks for checking in.
      I’m sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner.
      I have a bad habit of never checking messages on my website.
      So many of them are spam, so I get to the point, where I don’t bother.
      But tonight, I did.
      Sorry again.
      All my music is streaming on Youtube.
      You can find it there.
      Just click on the music tab on my website.
      From there, you can download all my music from my Bandcamp page.
      I have it set up to “Name Your Price”.
      Pay what you want.
      Pay nothing.
      Pay something.
      It doesn’t matter to me.
      As long as you enjoy it, I’m more than fine with that.
      The link is https://mikeplume.bandcamp.com
      Thanks again and take care.
      p.s. Your best bet to reach me is at mikeplume@me.com

    1. Mike Plume

      Hey Rob!
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
      No excuse, other than I never seem to check the “comments” on my website.
      Poor form, I can assure you.
      Anyway, thanks for checking out the story.
      Stay in touch.
      Take care.

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