“Live @ the Exit / In” – Nashville Tennessee – 02/19/2000

“House keeping… House keeping…”
“House keeping… House keeping…”

“Yeah, ok, gimme ten minutes and I’ll be out of here…”

Meet the guys in the lobby.
Wheels up by 10AM.
Drive to the gig.
Load in.
Find a hotel.
Sleep for a couple hours.
Drive back to the gig.
Do the gig.
Tear down.
Pack up.
If the drive is less than 6 hours to the next show, go back to the hotel and try to sleep.
But it usually take 3 hours to unwind after a show.
So now it’s 4AM.
Finally, sleep.
Wake up call
On the road by 10AM.
If the next show is more than 8 hours away, then you’ve no choice but to drive through the night.
Early check in at the hotel.
Sleep until mid afternoon.
Drive to the gig.
Load in.
Rinse and repeat.
Here’s a typical Saturday night for me and the guys back in the late 90’s early 2000’s.
We had a lot of fun back then.
No fixed address.
Now where.
No problem.


April 30, 2017

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