Back On My Feet 

Written in March/April of 1993 in Dallas, Texas

I got backed in to a corner
I got kicked when I was down
Underneath a bad sign I was born
The dirt sticks when you’re nose to the ground
I gotta find me a new situation
One that won’t cause so much pain
I need a brand new destination
And I’ll be back up on my feet again

I got stood up at the dance
I got left out in the cold
Now I’m dancing by myself up on the ledge
This fear of failing man, it’s even getting old
I gotta find my place in the sun
Instead of this hurricane
I’ve got no place left to run
But I’m back up on my feet again

Well it’s a hundred and ten
The air conditioner broke
I knew what you were gonna say before you even spoke
The weather man says “No sign of rain”
But I’m back up on my feet again

Well I elbow my way up to the barstool
This place is just like home to me
You know, I never claimed to be no Romeo
But I never really wanted to be
Now there’s a sweet señorita in the corner
Looks like she’d take me places I ain’t been.
I light a cigarette,
My destination’s set
And I’m back up on my feet again

There’s a fat man moaning about his Little Feat
Come on señorita won’t you dance with me
I don’t need a crutch
I don’t need no cane
Because I’m upon my feet again

Sometime’s nothing can be a real cool hand

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