Eyes Like Roadmaps 

Written in August of 1992 in Jasper, Alberta

Rolling down this highway
I don’t remember where I was last
And if you’re standing in my way
Move over so I can pass
I ain’t running around in circles
I’m running a real straight line
I’m wondering where my turn is
But I ain’t seen no sign
I ain’t seen no sign

Well I roll in into a truck stop
On the outskirts of town
Walk into some coffee shop
And knock some coffee down
I call up my baby
On the telephone
I let her know, her Sugar Daddy’s coming on home
Her Sugar Daddy’s coming home

My eyes like roadmaps
I can’t find my way home
My radio keeps cutting out
I’m caught in between these stations frequency zones

Rolling down the highway
Rolling down from the north
Don’t ask me where I was last night
Because, honey, I’m not too sure
But there’s a train in the distance
Singing it’s lonesome song
It’s a peculiar existence
But I believe I can sing along
Oh yeah, I know, I believe I can sing along

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