Daisy’s Dream 

Written in October of 1992 in Bonnyville, Alberta

April showers bring May flowers
Or so I’m told
And at the end of every rainbow
There’s a pot of gold
Now there’s a girl that lives up the block, just up the street
Oh Lord won’t you let me be a part of Daisy’s Dream

Now me, I was born and raised in these here parts
Where these cold northern winds can put a chill
On the coldest of hearts
And if I could, I surely would
Man there’s some place I’d much rather be
Up the street, up the block and right in to Daisy’s dream

And every time I think of moving down that line
Daisy walks through my mind
Daisy you’ve got something that I need
Ain’t asking for not nothing but your company
Daisy, all I’m asking for is just your company
Daisy, I’m just a fool, I know it’s plain to see
I never thought anyone could mean this much to me
Daisy all I’m asking for is days that are yet to be
In Daisy’s Dream

Now she don’t know how I feel
But man, what can I do
And I know just what you’d say if you said,
“Man, if I were you…”
She’s got a wall built around her so high, or so it seems
Oh Lord won’t you let me be a part of Daisy’s Dream

My sweet Daisy’s Dream

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