Has Anyone Seen Benny? 

Written in November of 1991 in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Has anyone seen Benny?
Has Benny been around?
Has anybody seen the man, in this sleepy northern town?
I drove up and down the main street, looking for his Oldsmobile
Benny man, you’ll understand, but I hope you’re not for real.
Benny, where oh where did you go?

Well, I drove down to the pool hall, and asked ol’ Betty Lou,
“Has anyone seen Benny, Betty, can you tell me has he been through?”
She said “Hell no, I ain’t seen him.”as she lit a cigarette.
She shook her head and cursed his name,
“I ain’t seen hide nor hair of him yet.”

Benny, where or where did you go?

Well Benny parked his Oldsmobile up on Shepman’s Hill
He wrote a suicide note on a fifty dollar bill
“Life lost it’s thrill…”

He sat there for a minute
And thought about his life
He said “Man, I must be crazy”
And he drove off in the night
He drove down to the pool hall and he saw ol’ Betty Lou
She said “Benny man, oh Benny man, where the hell did you go to?”
Benny, where oh where did you go?

Where oh where did you go?

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