Rattle The Cage

Written in January through March of 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta

If a woman loves you, then yes she do
But there ain’t no telling what she might do
She could break your heart, buddy in a glance
She’s gonna tear you apart if given the chance
She’s gonna rattle your cage

She’s got a heart of stone, she’ll be the first to say
You don’t have to live alone to be that way
But you’re caught up in the thrill of it all
Well if love is blind, then you won’t see the fall
She’s gonna rattle your cage

There’s coffee stains here on the page
Emotional strains and tears of rage
But you can’t be helped if you won’t admit
So now don’t point fingers if the shoe fits
I’m gonna rattle your cage

Well now you’re beaten and bruised, we’ve all got scars
It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, because here’s where you are
You’re at fork in the road, no signs, no maps
And your words corrode the beaten path
I’m gonna rattle your cage

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